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Sometimes an animation or a movie is not enough. And you want something eye-catching, something different. Which is why we offer our custom-made 3D printed, miniature models. Our models are made of high quality, durable and biodegradable PLA.

Each model is built in our 3D software and printed in our in-house 3D printing farm.
We can enhance each model with LED lights, gears, and motors to give them motion and a hint of magic.

Or… we can take it a step further, and project animated textures on miniature models. This gives it a realistic and life like illusion.


3D Prints 

From bio-degradable PLA to ultra-detailed 3D SLA prints, anything is possible

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Magic Models

Using the power of 3D animated projection mapping any model miniature can become pure MAGIC

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Adding electronics and gears can transform a static miniature to an engaging experience 

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