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We provide a new way to communicate using
cutting-edge technologies.

We provide communication solutions, interactive and visual experiences to international companies willing to enhance user experience and customer loyalty.  

Touchscreens, holograms, 3D printed miniatures, and interactive console production are just a portion of our repertoire, as we interact with each of our customers personally and frequently making your desired image and experience come to life.

Have a look at our products

Imagine a wonderful discussion with a personality, a guide, a business owner who shares with you the philosophy and the history of their company, their professional background, or the secrets of a museum's collections.


You will be able to choose your "holographic ambassador" from 3 different options: a bust model, a whole human-sized hologram, and an option offering interactivity thanks to a touch-screen or a tablet.


Your Holo host can be easily moved around, as it has 5 small wheels at its base or it can put and be locked down in place.

"Compact" model 

This model consists of an interactive screen on the front as well as a screen on the rear and a projection onto a 3D model inside.

With the click of a button, this small cube (75 x 75 x 70 cm) turns into a real interactive table. It offers simple interactions and its compact shape allows for easy transport.

And thanks to a wide choice of materials and colors, your interactive table can even be adapted to your graphic charter.

Dimensions of the unfolded table: 75 x 120 x 130 cm

"Experience" model

This model consists of two interactive screens on the front, two screens on the rear and a projection onto a 3D model inside.

Thanks to a system of double screens and its dimensions, this table can be used by several people at the same time for an extraordinary experience.


It offers a unique interaction and its compact shape allows for easy transport.

Dimensions of the unfolded table: 150 x 120 x130 cm


"Immersion" model 

You are tired of the classic presentations or product displays that look like a dime a dozen. Do you want to communication for your products in a way that  stands out and showcase them in a magical way?

We have the solution that can meet all your expectations, with this interactive and immersive table.

Once unfolded, this table is showstwo touch screens at its front containing interactive menus to guide the user in his journey. A large screen located at the back of the table allows full-size films and animations to be shown and offers users a real sense of immersion. In the center there a large space to showcase a 3d printed model, your product and more...

Thanks to a perfect synchronization between the product, the content displayed on the screen and the interactivity, users will have an extraordinary experience that will encourage them to join your project or buy your product.

Dimensions of the unfolded table: 150 x120 x 200 cm


For all models:


We have created extensive customization possibilities to make your product look like you with options for:
materials, color choices and whether or not you want to add your logo or a specific element.

Interactive Consoles

Everyone knows interactive consoles, but TBMs consoles stand out with their customizable aesthetics and content offering an experience never seen before.


They are available in two options: the robust and mobile version specially designed for exhibitions and traveling advertising campaigns; the second is a luxury version intended for a specific location.


You can choose from our many possibilities for customizable interactions to create extraordinary experiences. If you want even more, with more complex content tailored to your needs, we can discuss it and offer you a quote.


We have created extensive customization to make your product look like you with options for materials, color choices and whether or not you want to add your logo or a specific element.

Modular and adorable

Several robots are available to you. First, you can choose its head and body. Then you can customize these two choices with different options such as lights, logo, color or certain elements. You can even choose the material.


In order to bring your robot to life, you can choose an animation from our large library or if you opt for customizable and more complex animations, you can contact us for a personalized quote.

Finally, you can also order a transport case and / or a support for the robot.


If you want to order a more upscale object, you can always go to our table model incorporating robots.

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