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attract and convert visitors to clients !


We provide a new way to communicate using cutting-edge technologies.

Visitor experience is a key issue in the trade show business. This is where digital technology comes in.
It is the perfect ally to offer more  to an increasingly demanding public.

The ultimate goal is to turn visitors into clients.

To achieve this, exhibitors must create emotion and encourage the attachment of the public to build loyalty.

Our company provides innovative communication solutions for international clients at trade shows, showrooms and exhibitions. We offer immersive, personalized experiences to attract and fascinate visitors.


Make your next trade show a success, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE with Technology Based Magic!

We are trusted by these great organisations.


François Dezoteux

Head of External communication



Didier cuaz

Chef de mission développement et communication chez Enedis

"... Technology Based Magic created for us an immersive table so complete, that it allows us to not only to communicate how our clients experience our gas stations today but also perfectly captures and communicates our vision of the future..."

"..Thanks to TBM for creating our "city of tomorrow" interactive table, dedicated to the education of the energy transition ..."

"..The result is stunning and has attracted visitors from all over the world to our showroom at Enedis ... "

"...We got what we wanted

and so much more..."

"...we became the centerpiece

of the convention..."

"...beyond expectations..."



Out of

5 Stars

*Rated over 67 client reviews

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