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Finding creative solutions and creating MAGICAL experiences for our clients is what we do...


Discover our work process and phylosophy

But how do we do it? 

The simple answer is: collaboration with our clients, listening to what they say and need, and then creating the perfect solution for them. From simple designs, prototypes, and storyboards to full-fledged stands, interactive tables, animated miniatures, or even robots. We find a way to make your product, service, and company stand out.


This is the short version, the full story is a bit longer.
We are a multi-faceted communication company. By creating everything from concepts to end products in-house, we have learned that many techniques can be transformed and "re-used" in other techniques. For example, models build in our 3D software can easily be used for 3D printing, simulations, 3D animation, and even texture mapping.


This has given us much more freedom when creating our products.


Information is important.


Sharing information even more so but getting people to be interested in your message and pay attention to it, can be a real challenge! Therefore, we focus mainly on finding a balance between content and fun.

It is no surprise that people prefer to discover things, play and interact instead of reading long texts and content. This is why we create INFOTAINMENT (the balance between information and entertainment).

With our creations, we stimulate the curiosity of your audience and make them EXPERIENCE your information/message. This is not only a fun way of learning, but it is also a very effective way of learning

"This is INFOTAINMENT… and this is what we do."

The "1 + 1 = 3" Experience

Designing EXPERIENCES goes well beyond designing an object and its content.

Our core motivation is the love of creating experiences from the ground up and to give each client a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE. We can take your brand, message, or product and spin it into an immersive experience, that your audience will flock to, just to be part of it!

We are in the unique position of designing content and the object containing it. This allows us to fuse the two seamlessly together and blur the lines between your message and your audience. 

Our designs include Products and prototypes, showrooms, stands, animations, commercials, interactive objects, Virtual Reality, and much more.

“You dream it. We create and visualize it.
Imagination is the only limit.”

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-01 at 6.05.24 PM.

From the drawing board to an immersive experience

We put a lot of our time in R&D (research and development).

On the front end, we try to create new ways to interact with content and consoles which blurs the line between information and the screen, leading to a more immersive EXPERIENCE.

On the back and we created a seamless modular in-house pipeline that lets us streamline our designs, our codes, and even our 3D models between platforms allowing, for example, 3D models build for animations to be used for 3D printing and their textures for interactive mapping or to use animated 3D characters to drive code that animate live animatronics.

Another part of our research goes into finding easier ways for our customers to deploy our creations. Reducing the complicated task of unboxing and setting up (for example) an interactive table to a one-button solution.


Now, these tables unfold (transform) to their full size, automatically launching the software, setting up the touchscreens, and lifting up the 3D printed model by a simple press of a button!

R&D for you and me


We are currently also developing a new platform, that will soon be able to help our clients to customize and configure a large selection of our creations and services on the fly. This will allow you to previsualize and "play" with the product virtually before even ordering it. 

It will also generate pricing and estimated delivery date, making ordering our products a whole lot easier and faster.

On our end, this standardization will streamline the production process, accelerate production times, and allow us to focus more on the overall experience. This will result in a more engaging experience and a higher level of detailing while keeping our extremely high level of quality and reliance, our clients know us for.

table Generator.jpg

Technology Based Magic has made a conscious choice to try and better our environment. We only use biodegradable PLA for our 3D printed models, make conscious choices when choosing the materials for our consoles, regulate our energy use within our company, and recycle as much as we can.

But we are trying to take a step further, by promoting the environmental policies of our clients. We can’t change their policies (and we know that), but we can focus on the positive feedback they get from THEIR clients when they interact with our consoles. We try to give our clients a feeling of pride when they show-off their environmental policies through our consoles and hope this encourages them to do more as well.

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