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There are many ways to display your message. You could have a simple screen playing videos on loop, but wouldn’t it be more attractive to have greater interaction with your potential clients?
At Technology Based Magic we believe that with a good design and clever engineering, we can blur the line between content and its environment.

For a convention, showroom or in-store use, we create high-quality consoles that can be permanently installed or transported from site to site.

Every console created by us has been tailor-made and designed to not only serve your present needs but also to evolve with you.

Every project starts with a concept, a design, and a goal. We create content that is interactive, multi-layered, and easy to use. Not only by an ergonomic interface but also by blending it with its environment.

From tablets to interactive tables and columns with touchscreens.

We create interactive consoles to fit your aesthetics and needs. With a large choice in materials, we try to configure something unique and personalized to your company, your message, or your brand.



a console tailored to your needs

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VR Tablets

carry your experience with you

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look AND touch

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