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What is the Cash App Routing Number and Account Number?

The routing and account number is the unique number that helps receive the direct deposit on Cash App. You can get the payments as a direct deposit when you share your routing and account number with the respective authority. To use your routing and account number:

  • Tap the Banking tab on your Cash App account dashboard.

  • Click on the routing and account under the balance tab.

  • Now, copy your account and routing number with the help of relevant options.

  • Provide the routing and account number during direct deposit setup when prompted for a bank account.

Once you enable the direct deposit set up with the help of a routing number, you will start receiving paychecks directly on Cash App. If you are still wondering, what is the routing number? Then, you should understand that it is a unique identification number that helps users enable Cash App direct deposit. Without providing a routing number, one cannot set up the direct deposit.

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