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At Technology Based Magic, we are able to provide your company with all the tools required for our clients to stand out at their next trade show. With our magical ecosystem of interactive and customisable products, users will be able to become fully immersed in your company while obtaining the information being provided in a fun and unique way.


From our Holios to virtual reality sets, users can engage directly with whomever is being presented, whether it be through asking questions or using the touch screen features used to host game shows or display certain information.


We also provide our clients with personalised Robohosts and Magic Tables, which are yet another eye-catching and entertaining way of attracting users. Our products come in a wide variety of sizes, designs, and colors, making sure that it truly showcases your company in the best and most memorable way possible.

Our Holios is made from Magic Glass that is able to portray any legend of your choosing. People such as the CEO can answer pre-recorded questions and engage with users in a unique and memorable way, helping them understand your company while simultaneously being immersed in your booth’s content. Holios is compatible and easy to move, along with having the ability to be customized and changed in order to stay up-to-date. 

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Our Magic Tables engages clients in a plethora of ways. Whether it be our fixed or transportable table, multiple users will be able to interact with the large touchscreen surfaces and experience the illusion of depth and interaction within the table. This hands-on and interactive technology aids the users in understanding not only the environment and architecture, but also your company.  


Robohost is a fun and interactive method of attracting users, as they are able to greet and communicate with those walking by. They can answer fixed questions, display multiple choice quizzes, and convey your brand’s message. This lets the users become immersed in your brand in an amusing way. Each one is customized to give it its own uniqueness, making this encounter different and more memorable from the rest. One of our 2.0 robots can be seen today at Gare TGV - Aix-en-Provence, which is visited by roughly 5,5 million people every year.   

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Our virtual reality sets are a way of storytelling in an unforgettable and attention-grabbing way. Whether it be through a headset or tablet, users will be able to learn about your brand whilst fully-immersed within the footage that both shows and tells your company’s story. With more than 20 years of experience in film and animation, we are able to both adapt and provide a wide variety of products that will best suit our clients’ needs.

The Holios is only as good as its content

So let us help you create the best content out there !!!

And it doesn't stop there...

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