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Imagine a wonderful discussion with a personality, a designer, a model, or even a “legendary icon” of your brand, telling your client about your products , your brand philosophy, your sustainability goals, etc.

There are many ways to create a simple “illusion” of holograms, but with our holios, we try to surpass that and create a true customer EXPERIENCE, that is not only fun and surprising, but also informative and engaging. Our HOLIOS allow users to feel attended to and cared for.


Hand Crafted Artistry

Like the BASE MODEL, this HOLIOS is easy to set up, takes little space, and is customizable. But there is one big difference, it is HANDCRAFTED and made in-house. Having a woodcrafter dedicated to these consoles allows us to fine-tune and customize these HOLIOS to something truly UNIQUE.

Its outer shell is made of bend wood that gains its flexibility through a fine grid of meticulously designed shapes.


Created in your image

Blending in and standing out, are strangely the 2 things our HOLIOS are best at! The hologram attracts people but you might want to blend the base into your shop, brand, or environment… And now you can. 

We offer a large range of customizable options like color schemes to match your brand, different stickering to fit with a certain look or environment, or even adding extra features like “rubber bumpers” to protect the HOLIOS from less “careful” customers with shopping carts or luggage.

hud 2_1.gif

Show me the light

We use the highest quality LED Full RGB Pixel rings. It contains up to 32 LED Pixel lights and each light has an RGB range 16777216 colours. 

Now those are the numbers but they are not just for show. We use these lights to verify the different modes the HOLIOS is in, its progress while in use and in case of need what maintenance or adjustments are needed. 

Oh, and yes, it's VERY PRETTY !


A HOLIOS represents YOU, and is built to give your customers that feel of human contact.


This is why we have chosen to give an as clear and detailed image as possible. All content is created in  FULL 4K UHD to keep your content as sharp and vibrant as possible. 

Always in focus


Le modèle de base du HOLIOS  est livré avec un verre spécialement traité qui crée une illusion parfaite pour le HOLIOS , mais dans certains cas comme les zones très claires, il pourrait être recommandé d'ajouter un film plus sombre spécialement conçu au HOLIOS pour optimiser la luminosité et rendre le HOST  mieux ressortir.  

Nous avons également l'option de notre VERRE MAGIQUE (ceci est standard sur nos modèles de luxe), qui permet au HOLIOS  devenir transparent lorsqu'il n'est pas activé. Cette option ajoute une dimension supplémentaire à l'illusion de l'hologramme et laisse une vision claire de la zone environnante lorsqu'il « attend » le prochain client. 

A window of opportunity

MagicGlass_stable 2_1.gif

The MAGIC GLASS is exactly what it claims to be, MAGICAL. The glass switches between full transparency to an opaque projected surface, making it seem like your HOLIOS appears out of thin air. 

The advantage of this glass is not only how it enhances the holographic experience, but also when not in use, leaves a clear view through the entire area or articles behind it. Making it by far, the easiest display to integrate into ANY environment

Now you see me, now you don't

Aware of it's surroundings

All our HOLIOS are standard equipped with a proximity sensor. This sensor brings the HOLIOS to life as soon as someone comes within the predetermined distance of the display. It also can activate the magical glass, transforming it from a transparent to an opaque surface. (optional on the basic model and standard with the luxury model) 

But if more interactivity is required, we also have options for touchscreen commands, RFID scanned inputs and secondary USB devices that can be customized to your needs.


Content is everything

A HOLIOS is only as good as its content, and keeping up and changing content should be easy, reliable, and safe. Standard, your content is stored on encrypted microSD cards that only your HOLIOS readers can read. 

To change the content you can simply swap out SD cards, restart the holios and you're up and running. The reader itself is locked behind a little panel that requires a dedicated key for maximum safety.

Although not standard we also offer an option for content streamed from a local server or even through a remote server if connected to the internet.


HOLIOS are compact all-in-one units that can easily move from one area to the next through its 4-5 wheels at its base. This will allow you to easily adapt and transform your stores, showrooms, and venues and you will never be stuck with bulky fixed screens or projectors. They can answer pre-recorded questions, and provide a modern, fun, and interactive experience for visitors and guests.

Seeing is believing...

So here are some examples

Luxury & Retail
Fan Experience
Public Areas
& Museums

"The In-Store Experience"

The physical store needs to shift towards more unique in-store experiences and our HOLIOS is built just for that. It is the perfect blend of digital and human connection and is a game-changer in the in-store experience for luxury retail. 

Our HOLIOS will help create that personal consumer experience such as conveying the brand heritage/story into a mix of tradition and technology. The HOLIOS maximizes personalization and meets the needs of customers who are converting their online browsing to a visceral experience.


"The Ultimate Fan Experience"

Walking among your heroes is normally only possible in dreams! But with the HOLIOS your fans might get the same thrills. See your favorite player or superstar up close, interact with them, and see them move or ask them questions.

The HOLIOis ideal for fan museums in stadiums, or in VIP boxes. Imagine being greeted in your private “BOX” by a star player or during concerts by your favorite popstar! 

And if that is not enough, take your imagination one step further… We can also recreate Legendary players from the past, see statistics, and soooo much more! It is ALL POSSIBLE with our HOLIO!


"Inform, Educate, and Grab Attention"

To inform people, we must first grab their attention. This is as true in public areas as it is in museums. Luckily the HOLIOS does both. It can explain anything in a fun and attractive way

The HOLIOS is only limited by your imagination and can represent anyone, a flight attendant telling you about the flight safety regulations, a chef explaining his/her latest dishes, or a historical figure taking you on a journey through time. 

We can film, create or even re-create anyone.


So WHO will inform your future visitors?


The Holios is only as good as its content

So let us help you create the best content out there !!!

Even the best-looking holographic display catches dust if it does not have the right content. At Technology Based Magic we designed the HOLIOS with its content in mind and we design our content with our clients in mind.

Content should be informative, attractive, engaging, surprising, and up-to-date. For this reason, we created a few different packages and subscriptions that let you customize your HOLIOS and its content.

"We don’t just create amazing looking consoles,
but also push the limits of its content."

Film & Video

Film & Video

With our dedicated film crew and hi-end equipment, we can quickly film any model, artist, or messenger anywhere. And after the shoot we can enhance, edit, color grade, correct, and post-produce all our images to bring the best out of your HOLIOS 


Yes, quality is above quantity but that does not mean we can not scale to your needs. If you need a simple message once or twice a year, or new content every week we can deliver. 


Animation & Effects

Our HOLIOS doesn’t have to be humans. We can, for example, bring sketches and drawings to life and slowly show the process from inspiration to the final product.

OR we can replace models with other elements like water, fire, flowers, or anything you think will capture your audience. We have a proud history in visual effects for FILM and Television and are always up to the challenge.


"Creating Legends"

Long lost wisdom and inspiration can be brought to life with our recreations of famous ICONS. (example Paul Ricard) Imagine having the founder and original designers immerse you in their passions while you are in the shop!

All this and much more is what we would like to show you and your clients with our holios.


And it doesn't stop there...

Have a look !

Rear projection.jpg

Retro Projection

From simple window to a hologram

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a hologram with a view

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Holo Fan

total immersion

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