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Bring your exhibit to life

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." 
quote by:
Benjamin Franklin




Interactive Hologram


3D Printed Models

Beyond Reality
mobility and adaptation


Holios revolutionizes the museum experience giving artists, curators, archaeologists or even characters from a lost time a voice and a way to inform and inspire your visitors in an engaging way.


HOLIOS is easy to adept, update and interact with making it IDEAL for ANY exhibition.  


True Involvement

It does not matter what kind of exhibition you have, with HOLIOS you can personify the object.


for example: The artist, the curator, the archaeologist or even a filmed or 3D RECREATED  historical figure.

With HOLIOS it is ALL possible 


All Audiences

Holios does not only allow your visitors to engage with the your exhibits, it can also adapt its content to your visitors.


for example: in different languages, for large group tours,  different age groups, etc.


Deploy anywhere

From your permanent collections to temporary exhibitions and events, Holios can be moved anywhere.


Where most projected solutions have to be fixed in place, HOLIOS shines as it can easily be moved, and its content adapted, enhanced and updated. 

Advantages of HOLIOS
and what it can do for YOU

WOW Factor

HOLIOS is an unforgettable experience that will spark the curiosity and wonder of your and visitors.



Allow visitors of any age to ask questions and interact with a content that is curated to THEIR NEED



HOLIOS is a reusable solution that can be easily be customised to new exhibits. 



Get the word out as interactions with the HOLIOS EXPERIENCE is easily shared through social media


Ease of use

Our solutions are easy to use, and maintain so you can focus the exhibitions.

We're here to help you implement our solutions and ensure a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

Film and Animation

With more than twenty years of experience in visual effects, commercials, CGI, and animation, here at Technology Based Magic we can do it all. 


From reconstruction animations and explanatory  videos to EXCITING VR experiences, our creativity and passion will help you create the most exciting and educational exhibits to date.

For more examples of content we created please look here: 



People say: "A picture is worth a thousand words", so just imagine what moving pictures can say !

We do not only have talented graphical artist and directors, we also have a dedicated specialist in cultural heritage, museography and education that will be working side-by-side with you to create the most engaging and accurate videos for your exhibits.


Sometimes you just want something to grab the attention and stand out. 

From interactive projections to animated paintings, there is no limit to the content we can make.




True engagement means visitor interaction, and we specialize in that, on any level.


From simple language selection to multiple scenarios and gamification ALL is possible.




Immersive Experience

Seeing the impossible is one thing but to immerse yourself in it is something else completely.

From a virtual 360 degree tour on tablettes to VirtualReality headset  recreations, we aim to get your visitors immersed and involved!


Big Ideas in Small world
Miniature models

Sometimes we need to find that childlike wonder when we try to understand the function or the history of an object or time. What better way then to do that with miniature models. A "toy" sized world right in front of you ready to catch your imagination.

We at Technology Based Magic are able to create beautiful, high-detailed, 3d printed models. But we don't have to stop there. We can then add motorised elements or lights, or even texture-project interactive "magic" on them. 

For more examples of miniature models and interactive tables, please look here: 


Big impact in a small Package

Discover the wonder of scale with our miniature models, showcasing intricate details and exceptional craftsmanship.

These tiny treasures serve as powerful educational tools, revealing the design and function of their larger originals. Perfect for any space, they invite curiosity and learning.


Magical Interaction

We can bring Miniature models truely to life with interactive projection mapping. Imaging controlling time, reforming the landscapes, seeing through objects or simply changing its material. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

With our easy to use and updateable content, we provide a truly interactive and memorable learning experience that evolves with your exhibitions! 


Gift shop

An exhibition does not end on the museum floor... it ends in the gift shop.


We offer a professional 3D scanning, modeling and printing service with large variety of high quality materials and colours to create 3D printed reproductions for you. *


* (limited editions or limited series)


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