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Digital Tools: How Do They Improve Attraction to your trade show booth?

It is no surprise that technology has had a meaningful impact on our society, especially within the past couple of years. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and our ever-changing digital environment, “event technology has changed more within the past 20 months than the past 20 years” says Julius Solaris, the Vice President of Marketing at Hopin. In fact, there is a large shift in the minds of organisers when it comes to moving their event either hybrid or completely remote. According to Snigdha Patel, “nearly 60% of event professionals have pivoted towards online event experiences”. With these advances and growing needs for new technology, they will soon become compulsory for almost all aspects of life, including trade shows. Roughly 66% of respondents to a Londonlaunch survey say they view technology as mandatory for their events.

The benefits and advantages of incorporating technology into your trade show booths are endless. Not only do these tools draw people to your booth, but they also provide them with an engaging form of communication that showcases your company. Technology has the ability to “amplify the sensory qualities of the show”, which provides attendees with a “greater feel”, says Aladdin. Magnifying user senses is a critical way of bringing people over, as 56% of attendees prefer electronic communication to printed materials” says a MarketTech360 report. This new way of conducting trade shows yields a financial benefit as well, all while staying up to date. With these modern and stimulating products, organisers will not have to spend much of their budget on products and decor, as these technologies last throughout numerous shows.

There is an abundance of ways on how to incorporate digital communication tools within your trade show without completely removing human interaction. New technologies have the ability to increase engagement all while creating a customised experience for users. Through the use of Technology Based Magic’s Holios and Magic Tables, a diverse set of languages and information makes it easy for everyone to gain an understanding of your company. Revolving around the Holios, this illusion of a hologram will be able to answer a variety of pre-recorded questions, host interactive game shows, and the content can be personalised to your liking.

Virtual Reality and interactive touch screens are other significant methods in captivating your audience. These sources of information let users be “a part of the presentation”, says DisplaySources, by not only conveying your message through the users’ sense of hearing and seeing, but also touch as well.

Incorporating as many human senses as possible is key in keeping people engaged, and with our Virtual Reality sets and Magic Tables, users will be directly involved in your booth. Content can be customised to best display your company’s products and information, along with the product itself being personalised in order to best represent your company as a whole.

Technology Based Magic is not focused on only helping your company attract clients to your booth, but also increasing engagement for users through a mesmerising and personable experience using our magical ecosystem of communication tools.




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