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We at Technology Based Magic see our Animatronics as more than just some funny robots, we see them as your AMBASSADORS

They not only attract crowds at conventions, stands, and showrooms, but they also can convey your message. From simple preprogrammed animations to complex interactions and even multiple-choice quizzes. They captivate an audience.

With our new platform, we can now build custom animatronics in all shapes and sizes to look like your mascot or even become one.

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From the drawing board to a immersive experience

Modular freedom

With the rise of covid-19, we decided to UP our game on the Animatronic front. Our "animated ambassadors" could face a more active role in stores, in showrooms, or any place where simple human interaction can be replaced or reduced to avoid infection.

Just imagine going into a store and kindly being greeted by one of our "automatons", and it can give you simple directions or answers to predecided questions. Or maybe going into a museum or showroom without a tour guide and still get all the information and stories in an engaging way. Our goal is not to replace people, it's to give a "personal interaction" and answers basic inquiries in an entertaining AND SAFE way. 

We redesigned our production process to go modular and integrate it with the tools we already use for our other creations. We went back to the drawing board and looked at what we think our next generation of animatronics should be. The main elements that give our animatronics movement are now modular in build and in programming. This gives us the freedom to have an unlimited amount of articulation, limbs, motion, and expression and keeping the animation fast and streamlined.

We also changed the way the animation is generated. What used to take days we now do in a fraction of time by using a blend of our own pre-animated movement library and our "bridge" software that allows getting data from our 3D animations in our animation suite. This allows us to visualize the animation, easily tweak it, and get clients' approval and reactions quickly. 

The first of our 2.0 Series is currently on display at the "Gare TGV - Aix-en-Provence" (France) which has normally over 5,5 million visitors each year.

for more information please check out our blog article about "AIX-TRA 2.0" our latest creation.


Concept Design

Designing a new ambassador

We have gone through hundreds of iterations and design concepts before settling on a final product.  

The core feature is the modular component system that allows not just quick assembly but also a large amount of customization for our clients who would like to personalize the "outer shell" and overall look.


3D Modelling

From 2D to 3D

We created 3D models of each of our components and assembled to previsualize and simulate our final product. it also allowed us to quickly iterate to create the best version possible.

We also used this to develop our "Bridge" software that allows us to animate in 3D and see in real-time movement of the joints.


3D Printing

From virtual to tangible

We have expanded or 3D printing farms with new SLA printers allowing us to not only quickly prototype components but also get high detailed and robust 3D printed parts.

We really post the limits on new printing techniques finding a balance between production fluidity and design without compromising the quality.



The final pieces to the puzzleel

We can not take credit for every component. Servomotors, screens, and other third-party components have to be ordered but we have chosen premium components that are known for their longevity, durability, and quality. 

This will guarantee a fluid integration with our designs and our modular system.



It all comes together

The quick and easy assembly creates a robust base for our "electric ambassadors".
Allowing for a smooth build and an easy wiring setup.


It really does not matter if you want 1 or 10 arms, our modular system allows for almost all possibilities!


Final Product

"hello world"

After loading the code and testing every single module of our "robot", we send it out into the world to capture the heart of its audience and our clients.

Nothing makes us more proud of seeing the smiles of people when they are drawn to it.

maybe it could be something for you!

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