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  • Caleb McCandless

Broken but whole - working from home

As the pandemic forces corporations to adapt to survive, many have moved to "working from home" to protect their employees. With everything moving online companies are left facing a corporate culture crisis. Losing the “in-person” factor makes it significantly more difficult to establish and maintain corporate culture.

What are corporations supposed to do?

this issue. Two major tips he mentions are to embrace virtual and stay connected. At his company, BrightInsight, 40% of their current staff were hired during the pandemic. They have managed to streamline their recruitment process by moving it all online. To stay connected Kal Patel says, “You can hold weekly all-hands meetings, regular virtual coffee breaks, happy hours with guest speakers or virtual wine tastings”. It is key to keep your employees feeling connected as you work through the pandemic to maintain corporate culture.

This connection provides a sense of belonging for employees and promotes progressive ideas and innovation.

We at Technology Based Magic have been asked by some of our clients to find a way to "restore" their company's identity. Something we do often with videos and other media content but the twist during covid is that we are not aiming for their clients but their own employees.

To give them a feeling of being part of something bigger, to give them perspective. (something that you might lose staring at your kitchen table while working alone at home.)

These corporate videos are perfect for companies that are struggling to connect with their employees.

We create videos that show a company’s plan for the future and it gives employees a view of the big picture. We also want to show employees the impact they have made on a company to give them a sense of belonging and achievement.

Check out the videos we have made here!

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