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Forget sitting idle on the sidelines...

Happen to be watching Nanterre face off against Trento in the EuroCup? You may have seen our graphics for Engie on the courtside LED boards.

Our clients were in a crunch and needed someone to fix their graphics overnight. From storyboard to courtside we delivered our clients the product within 4 hours. We remade the entire graphic on top of adding some flair to really make their ad pop when it was displayed courtside.

In total, we made 3 videos for the game, two for the court-side LED panels and one for the scoring board. It was quite a challenge working outside of the "standard" aspect ratios we are used to working with. We shot the blinking background footage just outside our office which allowed us to quickly transform them into a sparkling and eye-catching background that check all the boxes of Engie's visual rules and house style.

Have a look for yourself in case you missed it.

Graphics aren’t the only thing we make: corporate videos, training videos, Cinematic videos, VR experiences, Robots, and much more! Check out our other posts to see some of the other gadgets we’ve made!

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